We design and & produce icepacks in different shapes. in different sizes. in different weight.

One of them, it will meet your expectations, no matter how as discerning you are. We design and produce with devotion, ice packs various types and shapes, from 100gr to 1200gr in shapes such as plywood, frame, oval, envelope, wavy slim etc.

Who we are

Plastica established by George Logothetis for production of plastic household items, emphasized the production of ice packs, which constitutes the bulk of production.

Plastica ice packs have a modern design and they are made of non-toxic materials which respect human health and the environment.

The quality of products, combined with competitive prices, established our company as one of the leading and fastest growing companies in the area, occupying a very large market share of ice packs, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Plastica operates abroad and exports have become increasingly larger share of its turnover.

The raw materials used, advanced technology molding machines and the high tech production, make ice packs of high quality and ergonomics to meet the stringent quality standards.

Our products are certified with ISO 9001 και ΕΝ ISO 12546-3:2000 EBETAM.MIRTEC κ DIMOKRITOS.